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I... Need... A... Challenge !

Have a go at this
Depends what you enjoy taking pics of and how you like shooting.

My advice - go on a walk without the camera. You'll see more sometimes that way when you haven't got it than when you do. A notepad and pen can then let you jot down ideas/concepts/shots that come to you and you can head back out to take those shots later.

Another line of advice is to lock yourself in a room - hunt around for the shots in the room itself and see what you can find.
Explore abstracts. It will help you learn about composition and how very important it is!
Time to take indoor shots!
Sometimes, just to keep ideas flowing, I just pick a word and then I spend a few hours shooting anything I can come up with that fits the word. For instance, a color--green, red, orange; Slow, Fast, spiral, shapes, lines, etc.

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