I need a new printer Up to A2


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Oct 2, 2007
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I am on the hunt for a new printer, I have been looking at a few, I would like to know what printer to get for awesome results, including monocrome shots. It costs heaps to get large prints done in the shops. I've worked out I can print on my printer atm, which is an Epson Stylus CX 3900, that it costs about $3 per print. for a 4'6 photo next to nothing, because the paper is so cheap. For printing I think I'm using a 260gsm photo paper.
Models I have been looking at are the
Epson stylus R2400
Hp designjet 90

I don't just want to go big If I'm not going to get good results, The main reason for getting the printer is for large prints, A4+. I still need awesome quality. I have a limit of about $1500
It actually is more expensive to get your own printer. Think about ink and paper costs. Ink is frickin expensive. Also, when you print big ass prints, you're using lots of ink...and the paper ain't that cheap.

Send your prints into mpix.com

If you still want a printer anyways...Epson is what everyone on the forum suggests. I won't suggest anything myself though, as I don't use any printers...
I also like the idea however of being able to get your prints when you want them.
The R2400 can't print A2. The Epson 3800 prints A2. I can recommend it, if you don't want to use roll paper.

I personally think the DesignJets are pretty miserable printers in terms of color accuracy. I've worked with several models up to the 60" wide ones (though only older models in that size). I've been thoroughly unimpressed by all of them.
What about the Epson Stylus Pro 4800, Ive been loooking at that one but price may limit me to getting the 3800. from the reviews, it sounds like an awesome printer, and 220ml tanks, sounds great, but I'm not sure if I will be doing that much printing.
The 4800 is a sweeeeeeeeeet printer. I've used it quite a bit, though not as much as the 7800. The ink is expensive, but on the upside, if you're not doing high volume and large prints, the tanks will last you a while.
so whats sweeter about the 7800, I know its nearly double the price. But I think my budget might limit me to the 3800. I def want to have the ability to print in A2
It can take paper up to 24" and I find it does a little better job of accommodating thicker papers.
The 4800 can for sure. The Epson website says that the 3800 can accommodate the same paper thickness, but I couldn't personally confirm this as I've never used the 3800/3880.

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