I need help on choosing a bag!


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Feb 2, 2012
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Soon enough, I will be getting the Canon T2i and will be wanted a sturdy backpack to travel with. I don't know what lenses I will have, but will need a backpack that can hold a 15.4 inch laptop and tripod. I will also be going to Europe this summer, so I need a backpack too that does not scream CAMERA BAG! but can hold my camera and laptop and accessories(Wallet, passport ect...) and souvenirs.=) Oh, and also something under $150. I have been looking at the Vivitar DKS-20. Is that a good choice? Or is there something better.
Thank you so much for your help!
Check here and compare bags: bhphoto.com
I'm in a similar situation and have been looking at bags from Clik Elite, Tamrac, and Kata. Also check out cambags.com.
It sounds like you might want this mostly for travel since you mentioned passports and souvenirs. One thing to keep in mind when picking out a bag might be whether or not it will fit in the in-room safe if your hotel or place you're staying at offers one. I've got a Domke F2 that I keep most of my gear in but when I went to Punta Cana in November I knew that I needed something smaller if I wanted to keep it in the safe in the room. I was able to comfortably fit the F-5XB in there but anything larger probably wouldn't have fit. I know a bag like that wouldn't fit all you want, but if you are looking mostly for travel, it's something to think about.
The tripod being strapped onto the backpack might give away that it is a camera bag.

Look at the Tamrac Adventure 9 and get some cinch straps the tie the tripod to the bottom of the bag.
if at all possible go some ware where you can try a few out. I ended up buying 2 within months of each other as the first one was to small and uncomfortable. If your traveling w would not keep everything n your backpack. Move your wallet and passport to something else you can carry like a small bag or something you can wear around your neck. If your backpack gets stolen your screwed if your ID is gone

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