I Need your help PLEASE why cant my focus lock


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Nov 23, 2007
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Hi all, Please I nee all your help! I have a Minolta DYNAX 700si and for some reason the focus seems not to lock so it wont take photos! Its not anew camera my dad gave it to me when i started to work at Big Pictures! Can anyone please offer me some help!!!

many thanks all.
Have a professional look at it. Most places won't charge you for a check-up, others may charge $20 or so, and you would get that back if you accept to let them fix it.

As for having someone email you... that feels a little like a scam to pick up email addresses. I just get a wierd feeling from this post in general.
hey thanks fors your help, Will try that. I removed my email. As i'm not trying to scam, thanks again for your help,
Switch it to manual and focus the lens manually, minolta will fire whether focussed or not in manual mode, are you pressing the shutter half way down to focus.H

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