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Mar 18, 2013
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Posting these because I'd like some feedback. I'm planning to have another go at this concept tomorrow because these are not exactly how I pictured them when I started. These are bit too abstract - I think I want the leaves to be a bit more recognizable so will try again. Also may try a different color background. Thoughts?


I didn't recognize leaves until I read your input.
I recognize it now with Fall colors.
so maybe a little less abstract as you mentioned.

and ask for C&C in the thread title.
I like these because of the abstractness. You can tell they are leaves, yet they have that almost transparent softness. I think you did a good job on these.
This type of image, darkish ones with blurs, ghosting, smearing, or streaking can be tough to process; if you add more contrast or more clarity, sometimes that emphasizes the smearing/blurring, but other times it makes the image look too hard, and sometimes the delicateness of the blurring goes away. I think the easiest thing to do is to lighten up the images and only then add the contrast or clarity. This type of image has a pretty narrow 'window' in which it looks good...it's not like many types of shots, which can be shown light,medium,dark,super dark, etc...these depend on a really delicate interaction of detail and lack of detail, so the processing needs to be "just right", which makes this more challenging that just going into bright light and shooting a landscape or a flash-lighted portrait.
Thanks for the feedback, I appreciate it. Going to try again and will keep all your comments in mind.
I actually really like #1, it has a nice composition, colors are nice and it's totally recognizable that those are leaves.

I would suggest fixing perspective a bit and tone down the upper right corner so you visually "close" the frame

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