If You Have or Had An F3 and SB16A, A Question Please


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Aug 9, 2010
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Northern Virginia
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I bought an F3 and an SB16 from KEH. I've shot a roll of film without the flash and the camera seems fine.

I put batteries in the looks like new SB16 and turn it on. I don't have the manual but according to what I've read online the LED blinks and then when the flash is charged it stops blinking and stays on. When connected to the camera the LCD in the viewfinder blinks red until the flash is ready and then turns green.

On mine both LED's constantly blink red. The online docs say if that happens, check that everything is connected correctly.

I'm thinking there be a problem with the flash, since the LED never stops blinking even when it's not connected to the camera.

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Have you set the shutter speed dial to the X setting or to a slower, within-the-range shutter speed?
Tried both X and A. I did take a dozen pictures today with the flash on TTL, shutter speed on A and aperture set to what the dial said based on distance. The photos came out OK including 4 I took using the macro part of my 35-105.

My local Penn Camera has an SB16 in their used stash, so I'm going to try and borrow it for a minute in the store and see if it acts the same way.

I'll let you know. what happens.

Problem solved. It was in fact a bad AS-8 adapter. The one at Penn worked like a charm.

Good to know it was the AS-8! I have one of those floating around here somewhere.

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