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Nov 13, 2007
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I was sitting in the Diner at like 10 last night and alls i wanted was a coffee and a cheese steak, five minutes peace and a chat with my husband. Over comes this ****in horrible lookin' waitress and shes all like "can i get you anything?" and im all like "can i get some coffee?" (as you do) and there it begins! "OH MY GOD! Are you from ENGLAND?!" and i'm like cringing as she's all like "I thought so!!! Do you say "wu'd yu liake a spot ah tea wi'd yor scon"?". I was all like "We don't have scones, nor do we have "spots of tea" coz we're not from ****in' mary poppin's land!!" but i didn't, i was almost polite, in fact! I told her we didnt even eat scones - which ok, was almost the truth, not many people eat them, its not like we wake up in the morning and have tea and scones for breakfast - in fact, i haven't even seen aa scone since about the year 2000 on a camping trip to devon!

Anyways. The annoying waitress really made me feel uncomfortable. I think its frikkin ignorant and rude to be all in someones face like that just because they have an accent. I mean, sure, it was almost cute when it happened the first time, if not a little embarrassing, and the woman that pointed it out was really nice and inquisitive and polite - she didn't stand there and assume she knew everything about me and then take the piss out of my accent by speaking like a londoner from some old english film!

Its one thing to be interested in someone but i wouldn't dream of being so damn right rude.

This is why i now don't like ordering in Diners.I don't want to have the "OH MY GOD ARE YOU FROM ENGLAND!?" conversation ANYMORE! I've been coming over to America for almost a year now and im SICK OF IT!

Its rude, ignorant and ****in embarrassing.AAAAAAARGH!

Thats it. Rant over.
I am usually quite happy when people in the US ask me if I am from England. OK, some once thought me Scottish, that was funny though.

BTW, scones are great, and there are many places in the South West where people eat lots of them with their tea.
I know all about scones, i could even cook up a batch if you like - but still - i love it when people are inquisitive about where i am from and i like some of the attention but to mock someones accent is really rather rude - especially if you dont know them. Its ok if my husband or someone i know does it, coz then its funny. Most Americans, i find, cant do the accent even though they think they can and its the same the other way around - i cant do an american accent very well unless im talkin to someone english who knows no better :D


Maybe, MAYBE i should go cook my husband some scones for when he comes home haha!!!
I just love scones with clotted cream!

Anyway, over here many people mock Texan accents and such. I think it is OK since everybody is best at his or her home accent. And coming from southern England is not a shame. I love that accent, especially with women. And I'd love to be better at it myself, but in the end my accent is always German, whatever I do.
Move to Canada. We don't have accents :greenpbl: (Except in Newfoundland)
Hey don't get mad.:hug::

You ought to hear the teasing I get when I travel up north or east. :p

With this Texas twang of mine, the first question people ask me is how many horses do I own.

I've never even been on a horse, but oh well...... :(
you've never been on a horse?

But how many DO you own....?

how odd i should click on now!!!

i have just put a batch of cheese scones in the oven to go with my beef stew tonight for tea and im from south west england:lol:
Move to Canada. We don't have accents :greenpbl: (Except in Newfoundland)

At least in Canada I have never been asked to speak more slowly ... which happened to me in the US quite often.
how odd i should click on now!!!

i have just put a batch of cheese scones in the oven to go with my beef stew tonight for tea and im from south west england:lol:

HEHE! Don't get me wrong, i like scones. I just don't see many people eating them these days - ive never heard of scones with stew either, but im now hungry and i think i might fly back and come to yours for dinner!

You know what, i really would actually, in all honesty, love to cook some of these for my husband to try - but there isnt a frikkin store for miles and having him drive me to one for the ingridients would ruin the surprse element...

Here is a picture from http://joyofbaking.com/StrawberryShortcake.html by Stephanie Joworski


looks yummy.

cheese scones are great with stew and ive just took em out of the oven.

although my son is not impressed with the stew i may do him a pizza instead save the hassle ha ha
Do you think i can buy ingredients for baking stuff in some corner store? (thisisdirected at americans, i know in England i can get all sorts of stuf in the corner store - but then, i can buy coffee in sandwich shops and couldn't do that here yesterday, so who knows...)

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