Ilford Delta 3200 - what speed to rate at?


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Nov 8, 2005
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Chesterfield, Derbyshire, England
Hi, got a question about Delta 3200 if anyone has any experience of it. i'm looking at a few projects indoors using available light and reckon this film might be the way to go. Any graininess will add to the atmosphere so I'm not too worried. Question is, I've read of Delta 3200 being rated at other speeds, not necessarily as it's name suggests, but is it any good at 3200 ASA or is it typically used at 1600?

Cheers, Lol
I've used it at 3200 before and it was 'proper' grainy. I'm not sure how flattering that would be on people.

If you want to develop it at home, it won't work in D76 or ID11. You need some rodinal or something. THat's if you rate it at 3200, i'm not sure about 1600
Hi all, just thought I'd hijack this post as I'm also about to use some Delta 3200. When I previously tried using 3200iso film it was Kodak Tmax, I metered for 3200 and gave it to the shop for processing without any special instructions. I don't know whether it was the film, the exposure or the developing but I wasn't entirely happy with the results - not only the grain, but also the tonal range and contrast (or lack thereof). Now I've got my hands on some Delta 3200 and am planning to develop at home, and am wondering if anyone has any experience with this film?

I'd really like to rate it at 3200, since that extra flexibility in low available light was why I bought the 3200. But if rating at 3200, what in your collective experience is a good way to develop this film? I.e. best developer, dilution, temp & time? And with very high-speed films like this do you have to be much more careful about temperature and timing than with lower ISO films? Thanks in advance for any info.
Most of these films aren't actually as fast as they say they are. For instance, Tmax 3200 is called tmax 3200P, the P is for pushed. Film speeds go up to about 1000. Anything after is achieved by push processing (overdevelopment). You can shoot that film 1600, 3200, 6400, 12800, whatever. But you need to compesensate during the development. 20% increase per stop pushed.

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