I'm taking the preschool's school pictures that my daughter attends!


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Jun 19, 2010
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I was asked to take the whole preschool's school pics! I am so excited! So here is what im thinking for a set up....I know it is sunny and there are horrible shadows and I need a reflector and all (will be prepared the day of school pics) but i'm asking mainly about the set up. Let me know your thoughts! Thanks!


and this will be the exact location I will be taken them at...my daughter and I went the her school and went out in their field today :)
I'd get a slighter wider depth of field, and either a big diffuser to soften the sun, and/or an off-camera flash with a good diffuser on it.

Then again, I'm very very inexperienced when it comes to ALTERING light. I usually just try to shoot natural light.

The setup is definitely awesome, really love that desk and the old books.
Thanks! I will definatley be prepared for a sunny day, praying for a cloudy one though!! :) I am really excited about the setup! The school desk is from the 1900's and so are the school books. I restored the desk. It was painted red, orange and blue! My husband stripped the paint and sanded it for me and I stained it with cherry stain and am very pleased with out it came out! :)
I like them, minus the books under her feet. I don't know, growing up, learned to respect them and not kick/stand on them. Dont know how others feel bout it. But other than that, I like them
I think its great if i could have my daughter in a pic with that setup id be very happy. Not sure when pic day is but where i live it rains alot, so might wanna have a backup plan for an inside idea if it comes to that.
The lighting there is awful...deep,dark raccoon eye sockets...these are in desperate need of either a diffusion panel held between the kids and the sun, or some fill-flash.
Love it but agree that you will need to figure something out so they will not have raccoon eyes!
Light and background... Get some more depth...

I did this with my $200 plug in...

I did this wth my $89 50mm...

^^^^this was faster!
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I like the setup. When I saw the first photo the first thing I thought was "If it was cropped tight around the setup it would be better." And then the second one was. So, good job haha.
I like a tight frame... I really like the one someone edited. I LOVE your set up..

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