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Apr 17, 2006
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queensland, australia
HI guys. now don't laugh - this is probably a very sad question!!! :( but just checking - if i save a jpeg then go into photoshop.etc and make adjustments then 'save' it - then open it up later and make more adjustments then save it- then open it up a few weeks down the track and make more changes....... is the image losing quality EACH time i adjust it?? so if i opened it up 4 times to make changes would the pic be of lousy quality... would it be better to 'save as'???? Please excuse my "dumb-ness" :lmao: xxx thanks
Yes, each time you save a jpg, you compress it, and it will get progressively worse in quality. If you aren't shooting raw, you should.....but....if you won't, should save your jpgs as tiffs after editing them. Tiffs use lossless compression, and allow you to save layers.
Thanks matt - thats what i thought, thanks for the confirmation....shot in raw for the first time last week and had some fun though i couldn't really SEE a quality difference? from what ive read though, will definitely use RAW when shooting anything of any importance xx
remember also that tiff's are bigger files and will soon start to fill up your hard drive. so good idea to start backing up

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