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Dec 15, 2008
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Here are a few shots I took while touring around Mumbai India yesterday.

I went to the Haji Ali Mosque which sits just off shore in Mumbai. It was built in 1431 by a wealthy Muslim merchant.

The walkway is almost submerged at high tide which makes the walk out there a bit interesting with camera equipment. :)

Here's a shot of a Muslim man singing and worshiping at the Mosque:


Shot using my 1D Mark IV and 70-200 f/2.8.

Here's a shot of the Mosque (inside the walls):


Shot using my G11.

The walkway to the Mosque is lined with poor who beg for money. It's also extremely filthy, trash floats everywhere, it's one of the most polluted cities I've ever seen. Here local men sit on a wall at the beginning of the walkway to the Mosque which gives you an idea of the trash that's everywhere.


Shot with my G11.

This is a shot of the Rajiv Ghandi bridge leading to Mumbai. I shot this out the window of our moving car as we went over the bridge with my G11.


I'm heading back out today to do some street photography. Unfortunately it's extremely hot here today and there's not a cloud in the sky... not exactly the best conditions. :)
A very beautiful country for sure.
1 and 4 look good.
4 would have been a great shot if not for the crane.
are you happy with the g11 by the way ?
oh I just saw your g11 thread. scratch that last line.
I do like the G11. I've shot more with it than the 1D while here.

I'm conflicted on the crane. I would like the image of the bridge without the crane and without the light poles, but on the other hand it kind of adds to the story. If you've ever been to India and more specifically Mumbai, it's in a constant state of construction. You see more construction work here than any other country I've been to. It being present in the image speaks to this.
Well get busy then. put your PP skills to good use. Im sure you can remove that crane in no time.:lol:

I know what you mean. I just like the lines and the crane draws attention away from it.
You should try visiting Dubai if you want to see construction. bloody cranes in every shot. maybe thats why it bothers me. hmm..
I would enjoy seeing Dubai. Unfortunately my travels haven't taken me there yet. Perhaps one day. But the construction I could do without. :)

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