Impressive 7D durability test


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May 17, 2011
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If you find yourself in a situation where your camera must be immersed in water, frozen into a block of ice and then caught on fire, the 7D is your choice camera.

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Don't forget they also covered getting shot at by a bb gun!

Must admit I was impressed as well when I saw this - mostly for the frozen water test and was certainly surprised to see the camera could still function and even expose a half decent result after the whole of the inside was first waterlogged and then frozen solid!
Granted, I doubt it will last much LONGER. But still, the fact it worked at all is just amazing.
It must be made by Glock. That should be a crime to torture a nice piece of equipment like that.
You should all watch the "Will it Blend" videos. Now THAT is entertaining!
I can't even imagine doing that unless I had that much money to burn,Especially the nikon D3s that Derrel posted.Are theses camera donated for torture test or something or maybe close to the end of life cycle they assume.
Most of them are likely ex-demo models that are likely in need of a servicing anyway or might have other minor problems that require fixing and as such are already devalued to the stores that do or sponsor the testers.
Kai had his donated. My guess is that the owner upgraded and didn't just need the cash, or digitalRev bought it from the asker for this purpose.

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