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Aug 19, 2010
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Central NY
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Just wanted to show how far I have come in 3 months! :) I started this forum soon after getting my T1i in August.. and I want to thank you all that help us all on this forum! It really does help us (or at least me)... I might not post alot, but when I can read the post.. I do..

So here is one of the first pictures I took and posted in August.. doesn't need c&c


Here is my newest photos'...

My daughter Summer


and a friends' daughter

When I read "My daughter Summer" I thought it read "my summer daughter" hahh. But progress is definitely noticable. the gripping focus on the eyes is what makes the big difference IMO.
haha.. she was my summer daughter as well.. hehe.. I have three daugther's.. Skye, Summer and Brooklyn ... and I love it when people say.. I love Summer.. and I always reply.. I do too! :)

One of the biggest things I find that I do is I am so afraid I'm not going to get the image to come out right, I end up taking like 5 of the same photo.. so I end up with way to many pictures to go through when all is said and done..

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