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Apr 1, 2004
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Fantastic shot. It looks like you've really captured the mood.

Was this taken at the National Holocaust Museum in DC, by chance?
your photographs always make me think, which is good.

Hmm, I can't figure out the relation between the title and the image in this one
This is one I could personally hang up on a hall, it holds ones attention for so long with the detail, the refelctions, everything. Part of me wants to know what the man is looking at yet another part of me is content to simply read the words 'Epilogue', as it gives more 'mystery' to the image. Fantastic
Oh, this is way beyond good!

Everything is in (almost) perfect symmetry, and the only thing that "ruins" it is the man, and that really makes this one.

Fantastic shot - as they all said!
It's a good concept. We are confronted with an epilogue directly facing us, yet we are also left in a sideline, apparently contemplating on something else. The mirrors are quite thought-provoking. too.
another excellent and interesting shot tuna........ great stuff :thumbup:
Really nice, Tuna. The reflections worked beautifully with the image's composition. :thumbup:
Classic Tuna image. Well done !!!!
Great shot for sure! I love the mood in this and you can reall feel it when looking at this image.. nice work

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