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Jul 8, 2013
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Hi my name is Barry Rose and I have taken up photography as a pastime a year ago really......... Im mainly interested in Sports & wildlife and am going on safari for 4 days to Maasai Mara in October. Have been twice before Kenya that is, but just used the facilities and chilled.
I have a 7D Canon with 2.8f 70x200 L lens and a 4-5.6f 100 x 400 L lens and now a Sigma 10 x 20 4f....... I hope some of you may be able to help with some pretty basic questions later as I am really only self taught from books and magazines. I have a few shots that Im quite happy with but in the main I struggle to get things spot on with sharpness and exposure my main areas for concern..... Hope to talk soon Many thanks for your ear :D:D
Hello and welcome to the forum Barry!
Welcome to the site.

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