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May 19, 2005
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Manitoba, Canada
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Photos NOT OK to edit I shot my first digital wedding on the past's one from the shoot....what a load off to get my first one in the was a crap day...drizzly, rainy, windy, wet and cold....lovely:grumpy: locked my keys in the car, forgot my cam bag at the church etc. etc......i need an assistant! :lol:

anyway...i made it thru.

I like the slightly desat tones in this jon...... good one man :thumbup:
Beautiful pose! :) Soft shadows were your friend here, too.

She looks a tad pale....any way to warm up the skin tones without losing the nice desaturation?
I like the pose, I just wish her face was not so dark compared to her bright skin (arms & chest). She looks like she is freezing.

I'd come assist for you, but it's a long boring drive from Alberta to Manitoba. :lol:
she is very pale...that's the only thing that bothers me about this shot...I'll try a warming effect of some sort.
will try to lighten her face too...this was a quick process for effect only...havent really addressed the details yet....thanks for the suggestions :D

mike....I'll wait :lol:

thanks guys!:D
Beautiful shot! probably would like to have seen her face a little lighter as Big Mike saidxx.... So, this was your 1st wedding hey??? Can't wait till someone is game enough to have me as photog? The 1st one would have to be the hardest but hanging for that experience! Must ask though, how did the bride & groom cope when you first told them that you hadn't shot a wedding before? Did you offer cheaper prices to 'compensate'? This is probably my biggest concern, people having faith in me... but even the pros started somewhere hey! xx lol
thanks mark and matt :D

jemmy...this was not my first wedding was my first digital wedding shoot....but yeh I probably wouldnt try charging 5 grand for yer first shoot.
I'd say get together a nice portfolio of some of the other work you've done, preferably people, to give them some confidence in your work and a peek at your style. as far as price goes I'll let somebody else tackle that....depends on a number of variables etc. etc.

thanks for looking :D

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