Into the Woods (ICM)


A naughty little bunny...
Nov 28, 2011
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As I walked back from the river at sunset I saw some awesome light at the end of a tunnel through the trees and had to stop and play. This is an ICM image (intentional camera motion), the end of the tunnel is pretty far away so I used a 1 second exposure and started zoomed right in on the end and stepped backwards to get the "layering". I really enjoy the .... creepy? feeling I got!

Would love to hear your thoughts, thanks for taking a look!

IMG_1617_1-1 by Judi, on Flickr
Fantastically spooky. You MUST be getting ready for Halloween.

Layer the web shot over the top of this one. Ewwwwww again. LOL
Thanks all! I'm glad it's working for others as well as it works for me :)
Amanda, yes! That is exactly my thoughts but I didn't want to lead anyone, woot!
Jaca, ooooo, I've been thinking about trying some double exposures in PS, this might be a neat candidate, if I play I will share the results!
John, woot! Thanks! I was waiting for the "where's Alice??" I was ready for it! ;)
Needs to be on a wall.
Thanks Brian! It's going in with the next batch ;)
Thanks you two :)

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