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Jan 27, 2008
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Whats up? New here to the forum and thought an introduction was in order.

Ive been interested in photography for about five years now getting more serious with it in the past two years. I havent been able to afford a DSLR yet, so me and my Sony h7 make do. I am interested in getting a DSLR in the next year though.

I've learned a LOT and have a LOT to learn about photography. Its one of the most fun and interesting art forms around.

I'm not into people photography (because I'm not that good at it, yet) but landscapes and nature are awesome. I love candid shots of children playing and things like that.

Thats pretty much me in a nutshell. Im taking a photography class but I think that classroom learning is a distant second to learning from your peers. Hope to learn a lot more here and if I can answer a question or two.

welcome to the forum!

you can learn quite a bit here.
Hi, welcome to the Forum.
Hi Bama, welcome to the forum. Glad you found us and joined. This is a great place to learn and a great bunch of people. Enjoy, and don't be a stranger.

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