iPad in Crumpler bags


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Oct 10, 2010
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I'm looking at getting a 6 Million Dollar Home bag from Crumpler. Does anyone know if an iPad can fit in the front pocket, or will I have to go for the bigger 7MDH?

Crumpler bads are generally stiff and also slightly smaller than the listed dimension due to the padding (which is a good thing I suppose.) If you stretch it out abit before use, u should be able to fit it in.
I have a 7MDH and I doubt it will fit. I'll check tonight.

Plus, I wouldn't want to put my iPad in there anyways, it would have constant pressure from your gear on it in uneven spots and there's not much padding between that pocket and the outside world.
I have a 6mdh and just tested it. Does it "fit"? Yes. Does it fit in a way in which you'd actually want to use the front pocket to carry it? Nope. Here's what I mean:


You can jam it in there, but I had to take the case off and the flap barely closes now. I wouldn't trust my ipad in that position.

However, with some creative divider arrangement the ipad (with case) can fit comfortably at the back of the bag with a camera (d90) and 3 lenses (10-20mm, 18-55mm, and 50mm).


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