Iris/Eye Photography without a Flash

Jens Heidler

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Mar 15, 2019
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Hey everyone,
I am experimenting on iris photography for 2 weeks now. My goal was to get a super sharp high detail iris photo whithout the need of a flash.
At the end I must say: you can capture amazing details, even with a smartphone, but the most incredible shot at the end was with a flash (a6300/a7r4/probe/90mm).
Anyway: If you don't want to damage your or others eyes I'd recommend to start with a small torch: Here are a few tips how you can get some nice close ups without a flash:
Interesting. I tried shots of my own eye when I first got my macro lens and didn't have real good results because I simply looked at the overhead bathroom lights and put the lens close up. Now I'm thinking if I use my rail on a tripod, my adjustable flashlight in one hand and the remote shutter in the other I may get some better results. Look what you did ... you talked me into doing it again, lol!

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