Irvine at night


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Apr 6, 2007
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Orange County,California
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Heres a few shots i took around Irvine the other night. Let me know what you think.



2 and 3 are awesome. I like how consistent you got the lights in 3...and the water thinger looks REALLY cool.

Good job.
Thanks, Funny thing is i wasn't even using a tripod for number 3, my friend was borrowing it so i had to use a nearby wall to set the camera on, it worked i guess.
They don't seem well? Whys that, i want to know so i can try to correct it

On the second one especially, the black appears rather navy. It's a simple black level fix in just about any photo editing or managing program. It might just be my monitor though, so wait and see if anyone else comments on me before you go toying around with your images, which are good by the way.
Oh thanks, ya on my monitor they seem normal to me. Maybe my monitor is messed up and the blacks are off. i don't know, i guess your right well just have to see what others say. Thanks though
I love the 2nd one - and yes the background has a bit of a cast, but not a lot.

I hope you dont mind, but I played with it a bit, removing the cast, adding a bit of Lab Saturation colour (it always amazes me how much colour there is lurking in images) and contrast - do you like it the idea?
2 and 3 are great! How long did you leave the shutter open for #3?
I like your edit, the color of the actual fountain is more interesting i think, nice edit.

for number three the exposure was set at 30 seconds at f25.
thanks for the great comments everyone.

I think its my monitor, on my macbook pro which i use to edit my images with cs3, it seems to be darker, i look at the same images on our pc computer in our house and i can notice the colors being off. I guess i need to figure out how to fix it so i can see the difference, otherwise it would be quite a waste to have cs3 and not even realizing my colors are off.
You need to calibarate your screens - even manually will make a huge difference.
I've detailed some steps/web links on my web site that may help you.
I originally didn't like #2, but after the edit I like it a lot. The extra colors really add some interest. Really love #3. Good shots!
Thanks stittly. Ill probably try comparing and adjusting my screens side by side. I'm sure ill be able to produce much better results when i know what my colors actually looks like

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