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Feb 8, 2012
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Hi everyone. First, thank you for taking the time to read this.

I'm looking to buy my first "serious" camera (serious as in not a cheap camera used to take quick family pictures). Right now I'm using a Canon PowerShot A2200, and I've been impressed with the macros it's capable of. I take a lot of macro shots, although I also do some landscape and architectural. I don't think I need any sort of impressive zoom features, I don't shoot sports or wildlife, I rarely do portraits. I have to get my camera from the Dell store, and it needs to be less than $1,000.

Here are some of my options: Digital SLR Cameras : Digital Cameras - Photo & Video | Dell

I've been considering the Canon EOS Rebel T2i 18MP SLR Camera with EF-S 18-55mm IS Lens. Would this be a good option for the type pf photography I do? Can I shoot macros with this without buying any additional lens?

I appreciate any help!
Any current DSLR body will work well for what you want to shoot. The T2i, T3i and 60D are all below $1000. Nikon offers good cameras also. I would stay with one of these two brands because you will find more lens options and lots of info on how to use it.

It is great that you know exactly what type of photography you want to focus on. I also love macro so i would recommend buying a body only plus a true macro lens. The kit lens does not provide true macro ratios.

Dell is not the cheapest place to buy. Amazon has the same T2i kit with 18-55mm lens for $80 less. The body only is $150 less at $500. This is money better spent on a good true macro lens such as:

Tokina 100mm AT-X 2.8 1:1 Macro
Tamron AF 90mm 2.8 Di SP 1:1 Macro

The T2i body with one of these lenses will be within your budget range.

(Beware lenses that just say macro. Not all are 1:1. Some are less than 1:3 but still are labeled as macro. )

I expect that you will be extremely happy with macro results with a DSLR and 1:1 lens.
The camera is a great starter for what you need. If you aren't able to get a macro lens a set of Kenko Extension Tubes for about $175 will give you the ability to get much closer with the lens you have to work with
That's a good camera.

However, I would go with this one instead, from the Dell Store:
SONY CORPORATION Alpha A35 16.2 MP Digital SLR Camera (with 18-55 mm Zoom Lens) : Digital Cameras - Photo & Video | Dell

  • The Sonys have the shake reduction integral to the body, instead of the lens, so you get it with every lens instead of having to buy it over and over, ala Canon and Nikon.
  • Sony has the best implementation of panorama; just push the shutter release and sweep the camera. They are automatically stitched together in software. (I'm not sure if it works vertically, as you might need for architecture.)
  • Transluscent mirror and built in HDR are nice features.
  • Nice high positioning of built-in flash, for reduced red-eye w/o software.

Start with that, and see if it meets your close-up needs. Point & shoot cameras' macro modes only allow closer focusing. They're not optically corrected as well as a true macro lens for an SLR. I think the kit lens would be better than what you're used to now, but with the above kit, you'd have money left for a true macro lens that would really knock your socks off. Sharper, closer-focusing, nearly perfect correction of distortion.
Thank you all for your replies! This helps me a lot. I'm going to go with the T2i and then get a macro lens for it. I really appreciate the advice.
Thank you all for your replies! This helps me a lot. I'm going to go with the T2i and then get a macro lens for it. I really appreciate the advice.
Awesome! I'm glad you didn't decide to go with Sony :)

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