Is this effect possible in LR? PP help!


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Jul 5, 2011
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Hey guys, so I've been checking out some random professional websites and I came across a really cool effect I'd like to be able to get in some of my photos. I've just spend the last day reading a bunch of lightroom tutorials but I still couldn't get an image to look right. Here's the image I'm talking about:

Here's a shot I have actually shot the other day (by coincidence)


Please feel free to try it out in LR yourself and post your results (and how you got them).

I know that there are some things you can't change in LR, like the lighting of the scene or the bokeh, but I'm just looking to get the general feel/mood of the scene. The model photo seems to have a pretty dull (not contrasty) and bright-ish background but the subject pops out and seems more vibrant. Like I've said, I've spent a lot on time in LR with that image but can't get anything close to what I want. Is this kind of effect only possible to create in photoshop?

Also, I'm trying to work on being able to look at an image and try to deconstruct it in terms of how it might have been shot or post processed, is there any good material online that might help with that or any tips you guys might have?

Thanks for the help!
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In the image you have I'd use the adjustment brush only on the background to increase exposure, reduce clarity.
Did I use the wrong term? What should I have wrote instead? Sorry about that XD
Is this something like what you mean? I reduced contrast and now I think I probably shouldn't have looking back at the other iamge you posted...
First I boosted the exposure and curve on the entire image a little bit.
Then in the adjustment brush my settings were +1.25 exposure, +29 brightness, -23 contrast, -100 clarity, -44 sharpening. I used a light yellow tint-click into the color it was hue 62 at 16% to give it the yellowy glow.
That was on the bamboo/background.
On the leaves I left the negative clarity, contrast and sharpening as well as the tint, but I brought the exposure back down to match the rest of the image.
Oh, My... the TPF upload doesn't much work does it! LOL!
I'll go put that in flickr!
What was I missing? The images look great, but what effects are we seeing. Sorry to be clueless.
Mostly just a bit of double processing. The exposure for the background is much brighter and softer than that on the subject.
Ahh, I think a key thing to do was boost up the curve, especially shadow, which I wasn't doing before! I followed your advice and played with it a bit a bit more by decreasing sharpness a little on the background rush, bringing up contrast, and lowering brightness a bit in the leaves. I also desaturated the whole thing a little bit and boosted red saturation. I didn't want it to be too blown out so I didn't bump brightness too high. What do you think?

Man, remind me to open up my lens next time, and also to not have my subject stand so close to the background, I need some real bokeh >.<
I had to come back to this because the photo is driving me nuts! She's leaning to the right and I want to prop her up! I think I need some more sleep lately!
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