Uhh.. I thought you were leaving? Changed your mind? Cool!
Oh sorry, got carried away.

This shot it stunning good sir. Edit: This shot is stunning my fair lady.
Not bad.
You know what I'm going to say though
BTW my husband is the model lol
I already knew that. The remote control, henpecked model.
Oh I can just hear it now. Do this! Do that! And like a robot......the husband moves.

It's not bad.
Since Gipson won't open his trap, I guess it's up to me.
You should have pushed the remote control, and had the robot move up to the edge of the cliff about 20 feet and you'd have had him right on a thirds power point.
Instead of so close to the edge of the frame.
Know what I mean?
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Nice exposure on the rocks.
I don't feel the "isolation" part ... to me it just looks like someone standing on the rock.
What do you mean never mind?
You didn't think you were gonna get off that easy , did you?

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