I've been waiting two months for this evening - -

Ron Evers

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Jun 28, 2008
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In the country 60km north of Toronto, Canada
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to shoot a show & try out 4 lenses. Well, I am too dam sick to go.

One more chance @ the end of next month & that is it for the season.

Gaud I feel rotten.
So sorry to hear, get well soon
Oh, Ron! That sucks. What are you shooting, if I may ask?
Oh, Ron! That sucks. What are you shooting, if I may ask?

Hi folks,

Hope your Christmas break went well and that your new year is off to a great start.

Pleased to let you know about our upcoming show this Friday at 8:00 at The Gibson Centre. I'm excited to be featuring a couple fantastic young artists by the names of Kaitlin Kozell and Shawn Clarke. I know you'll be impressed with their songwriting and performance skills as I am.

Admission is only $15, and don't forget our special meal deal at East Side Marios. You'll get a 4 course meal AND admission to our show for the incredible value of only $25! Best to phone ahead for reservations as Friday's are very busy there usually. You're of course welcome to visit before then to take advantage of this deal.

A reminder that this will be the second last show of our season.

Really looking forward to seeing you all. I've attached a program with details.
That sounds like something you'd want to be part of. Well, first priority for old codgers like us (well, me anyways ;) ) is to be reasonably healthy. The young assume this is a natural state - with the years one learns what a gift that is. Get well, Ron - we need more inspirating perspectives from you.

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