I've posted this before but never for a critique. C&C?


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Mar 31, 2009
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Hello folks. I'm still working with my P&S so bear with me. Post Processing in Paint Shop Pro (but evaluating PSE7). No flames please. ;)

Toby (green) and Kitty (blue) in a Private Moment

Technically the image is fine, but artistically it doesn't have a great deal to recommend it. That said, it would be difficult to do much better in these circumstances. The proximity of the rather complicated and distracting background mean that even with the absolute minimum DoF, it's still going to be clearly visible.

If you could, I would consider re-locating the cage and placing it against a plain background of the same or similar colour to that of the bars so as to minimize their impact on the image and using a more diffuse, even light.
The hanging toy thingy on the right side is very distracting.

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