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Apr 20, 2009
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Torrance, Ca.
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I've been noticing lately in a lot of my sports photos my subject is coming out cought and lit up pretty decent and my timing is on spot like usuall but when I shoot in jpeg instead of RAW the non-subject areas are just terribly washed out. I was using a low f-stop so I'm aware the subject was the heavily weighed focal point but its a matter of why is everything so washed out instead of still sharp but out of focus.

any tips or help or anything I can do to change this or reduce this will be greatly apprecieated.

this photo is a good example for me, the quarter pipe is horribly washed out look'n.
I think you need your monitor calibrated, I don't see anything "washed out". If anything, it's underexposed.
Well there's nothing wrong with the image you posted.

There are differences between JPEG and RAW though. Open them both in photoshop to rule out the viewing program is the cause of your differences. Beyond that JPEG has a contrast curve applied to it by the camera, and RAW has the curve applied in the RAW editor. That would be the only difference caused by the file types. The rest can only be miss-configured software.

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