just a couple of pic's C&C please


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Feb 17, 2009
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this one i dont really like the light on the duck.


Tell me what you think.

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Images are kinda small. Resize them so we can see them better.

Also, never start off by saying "this picture sucks!" or anything like it. Guaranteed no response or people just agreeing with you. :)
I think they may be nice images, but they're far too small to provide critique on. Try posting a version which is more like 800 pixels on the long side.
The centering of the subjects in the shot makes the picture static and boring.

The first shot is actually not bad because you shot it from an unusual point of view.

The second shot is kinda boring and the greens seem over saturated.

What kind of camera are you using?
im using a canon eos 400d

thanks for the comments
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im using a canon eos 400d
Did you shoot these in JPEG or RAW?

What shooting mode did you use?

What editing software are you using?

Cool to see the pattern of the water plants under the duck in the larger image.
jpeg manual and lightroom
Could be my monitor, but the first one appears to have a ton of noise. Did you do a lot of post processing on that one?
Start shooting in RAW or RAW+JPEG so that you can take advantage of what RAW can do for your pictures...like white balance adjustment and exposure correction in your photo editor. I feel you get much better results by editing a RAW file and converting it to JPEG compared to the JPEG that comes out of the camera (I have a XTi/400D too).
mosu84 - i darkened the first image using lightroom.

Samanax - thanks for the advice.

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