just agreed to my first photo shoot!


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Nov 15, 2011
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A friend on fb just posted that she got her baby's newborn photos back and they turned out "awful". I offered to come over and take some new ones for practice. However the baby is now almost 2 months....not an easy age to photograph. I really want to do a good job for her and have some cute posing/prop ideas. I'm going over next week so I have some time to surf pintrest for ideas but I'll take any and all you pro's have to offer!! She also has a 2 1/2 year old so I'm hoping to get a cute sibling pose or two. Spam me with your favorite ideas for not-so-newborns!!
Tie a piece of yarn (or wrap some tape) around a finger to keep them distracted so you can snap some shots. I have not tried this myself but I hear that it can work wonders.
Take some while the kid is napping.
Oh traveler....that isn't very nice!! I don't have any lighting :( so it will be done by a window on a sunny day. I hope I get at least a few keepers, I'm starting to get nervous about taking photos for someone else! But hey, what can she loose? and hour of her day :lol:
I prefer flesh colored duct tape.. it doesn't leave holes in the subject! The residue can be a pita, though! but that is the Mom's problem.. not mine! lol!
You're going into a situation with not much control.
Just go with it.
Do your best.
Take lots and lots of pictures.
Watch out for too bright sunlight. (cheesecloth for windows helps some.)

Don't worry.
You'll get lots of support here for whatever you do.
You will do fine, Paige! Have fun with it... and learn! :)

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