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May 2, 2010
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Good Morning Everyone. I just wanted to share that i was approved by Shutterstock. I have been doing alot of Stock Photography for the last year or so, and am currently on Dreamstime, BigstockPhoto, Fotolia, and Yay Micro. My sales on Shutterstock, for the two days that i have been online (And with only 9 images from my initial batch) have already sold more then my earnings on all others combined. Dont know if everyone else has had this experience, but it feels pretty good to be approved by Shutterstock. I have 60 more images awaiting approval and hopefully this will help up my sales even more. Please comment with any experience you have had with Stock Photography!

Here is a link to my portfolio (Keeping in mind that all my other images are still awaiting the normal 2 - 3 day approval wait time). Thanks Everyone!
Stock Photos | Shutterstock: Royalty-Free Subscription Stock Photography & Vector Art
i made around $300 a month for a short while with shutterstock (vector images, not photographs), then they messed about with the search algorithm on the site and I dropped off the radar. Don't use it anymore as a result.
I've had images on several sites for a couple years and have had the best luck, by far, with Istockphoto.
I've used a few... Dreamstime, Fotolia, iStock, etc...

I've made the most on Dreamstime - which isn't much. Granted, I don't have many pictures on there though... I kinda view it as a novelty. If I make money, good - if not, oh well. So far I haven't even made enough to ask for a payment (which I think is $200 on Dreamstime).

I'm not too worried about it though, I never expected it to be a source of income. I more or less just did it to see if I could...
oh and btw can you start selling ur stock if u sing up as browse for free?or u have to pay ?
there are some requirements to start selling ur stock?
Your work has to be good enough to sell.

Usually you have to send them a sample (10-20 images), then they decide if you're good enough.
oh and btw can you start selling ur stock if u sing up as browse for free?or u have to pay ?
No site I've seen makes you pay to sell. Your work just has to be good enough to make money for them.
Hi guys, i wanna send some photos to shutterstock too but i cannot figure out the earnings. Can someone explain to me for eg.
1. what are the life time earnings?
2. how do ones photos change type (Per-Day Subscriptions, Single Image On Demand etc.) or how are they categorized?

Shutterstock :: Make money with your photos!
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Congratulations! I've tried once to get on shutterstock but failed miserably. it was very discouraging considering I probably did try to choose my favorite shots. Not even one was approved! SMH.

what should i do? any ideas?

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Congrats dude! Oh yea, and post some photos would ya?

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