Just finished my portfolio hoping to receive feedback on the photos and layout!


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Sep 17, 2013
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As the title states I just finished programming my website to show my portfolio and I was hoping to receive some constructive criticism!

Here is the url: www.tonyimdead.com

Let me know what you think! :)
Some gems mixed in with a few that look a bit underwhelming. Page three, shots 3 and 4 could easily be eliminated. Page 2's first three shots are not that striking. It's hard to comment on something layed out in that style. I do really like the clean, uncluttered web layout--that is a nice way to show these images off. It loads FAST, and scrolls quickly. You have 32 images; at the very least, six of them could stand to be removed, as a way to really strengthen the overall impression. Page One has some photos that are simply not near as compelling as the stuff on pages 2 and 3. Not sure if you want to "finish strong" or what. The shot of the woman holding the kid, shown from the back, and the other group shot shown from the backside, both those need to go.
Page 1 I like the Eggs shot
Page 2 I like the girl in window (first shot)
Page 3 Door shot, like the symmetry but I think I would crop it differently and the man building walls with stairs going up in criss cross pattern- brilliant shot.

Rest are between nice and not nice.
Thank you both! To be honest it's just a running "portfolio" of my personal favorites. I really appreciate the feedback. I'll be slimming it down as I go.

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