Just got my first two rolls of film developed!


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Dec 3, 2007
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Roanoke, Va
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I just got my first two rolls developed and I would like to say that some turned out great! Some did not:blushing:. I was using 200 speed film thinking that it would be ok for outdoor natural light. The day was slightly overcast. I lot of them came out just a shade or two too dark. A couple were taken when the sun began to poke through and the contrast is awesome. Remember that I have no formal training and what I think looks great could probably be picked apart by a professional. Minus the fact that a role of film cost $7 to get processed into 4X6's I couldn't be happier. I definately think that I have found a new hobby that I just couldn't get tired of if I wanted to!!! Sorry I don't have any pics to put up, but I didn't get them put on a CD.
Welcome to the addictive hobby of photography. As you become familiar with exposure control you'll notice that way more of your photos will be properly exposed.

One learning strategy that works for learning is to carry a small notepad and jot down the exposure particulars of the shots you took. Then when the prints come back you'll be able to compare the noted of the ones that turned out to the one that didn't. This might speed up your understanding of what works when.

Have fun.
For my class, they make us put the film speed, F/stop, shutter speed, and the conditions (if it was sunny, overcast, or whatever) on a sheet. It really helps seeing this info when I look at what photos I want to print, as well as when they come out on a contact sheet.

So what im saying is to follow what Patrice said!
At $7.00 I wonder where you got the images processed. I can tell you that it matters quite a bit where you go. When I used to work at Ritz we occasionally would go around to all of the local places with the same neg just to see how others did and you would be amazed at the difference. Alot of what your image looks like does depend on how you shoot them but where you take them to get processed matters quite a bit so I might look around mabye try another lab and see what you get.
Thanks for the advice. I will be taking a photography course next semester. I plan on using another roll or two tomorrow. I will keep a pad with me.

I went to wal-mart to get them processed. I was told to check out the local ritz store because of better quality and slightly cheaper price.

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