just got the 40d, should i get the extended warranty?


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Dec 26, 2007
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hi so i went to henry's (canada) and got the 40d plus 17mm-85mm lens. total comes to $1880 (after tax). is this a good deal? i have 14 days to return should i change my mind. also the guy offered a 3 yr warranty from henry's for $280ish after tax. including canon warranty that's a total of 4 yrs.

my question. how likely is it that the 40d will run into troubles in those 3 yrs when canon warranty expires? ie the flash, cuz i noticed the flash does this burst flashing routine. when the cam tries to focus in low light conditions. could this reduce the flash's life?)

my dad's EOS1 has been around since 97 and it never had any problems (not that i know of). i dont mind spending the money but i dont want to waste it either.

any advice would be greatly appreciated. thanks.

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