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Dec 28, 2007
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i have a canon rebel xt and i just wanna add a tele lens to my collection of lenses. i was thinking of getting the tamron 75-300 it seems prettt good. just wanderin if anyone knows were i could get it for 50-60 bucks. and if not i was also lookin at the canon 75-300 lens. also i wanna now wat you think of the lenses. thanks
50-60 bucks for a lens?
Naw man. Even if you could...it's not worth it.

You're lookin to spend AT LEAST 200...and that's not even for a good lens.
No, that lens is not very good at all.

If you need a cheap lens, look at the 70-300 DI version like the one here at DELL Online, will run you $150-200. It is vastly better than the 75-300.
i own the canon 75-300mm

i have not used the tamrom or any other brand so i can't compare, but i paid like 180~ and i'm happy with it, if i have to regret something is that it does not has IS
I've used the tamron 75-300 and was reasonably happy with it's results. It is not an L or EX series lens, but if you have that limited of budget
I was thinking about getting the Canon when i was looking for a relatively cheap zoom, but i opted for the Sigma 70-300 APO DG, its also got macro capability, which i found a great plus, comes with a lens hood and soft case. its very sharp for its price, and the macro works pretty well. id look into that lens as well.
With photography equipment, you get what you pay for...

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