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Feb 1, 2004
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No one really noticed that I wasn't around much lately, did you? (Aprilraven did!) But I wasn't, and this is what has kept me (part of this still needs to be done but the prints have not yet arrived, much to my dismay, who I had hoped to be able to hand in the complete albums to the dance school today):


And so you see ALL these pages are full of photos, here's two random other pages opened for you, too:



I might show you some of the pics directly, if you want me to, maybe?
I was wondering where you were... I assumed you were getting ready for the DC meetup :wink: :) .

I really want to see your photos! You must share!
So that is where you have been. Bout time ya came home Corrina. Hope you post some of the shots you took.
Cool. One mother has ordered already. Her order is 120 photos!!! (Both her daughters + husband are in the piece, two with main parts - that might explain it). But if things keep going like this ... :D.
Oh, and by the way, Linda and Carl, there are some of the dance performance photos (rehearsal and preparation) out here already, along with the story of what it is all about and such.
If you care to look, you can find them here:





And as a last link here's one to the Bloopers, but it is also about the performance (and a first photo OF the performance, too):

Maybe some more than just two might let me know they are interested in my photos? Else I'll just leave them here and won't bother to load them into a server to link them...
There are so many (especially when going through all the links) it is difficult to comment on any one. I do have one major criticism, having looked through so many with my almost 6 yr old daughter, i now have a problem as to how to avoid spending all my cash on ballet lessons for her ("they all look like princesses, cant i look like one too daddy"), not only that she now thinks that surfing the web with daddy is just the bees knees, and wont let me have my usual 5 mins alone in front of the PC. My fave has to be the tears after mom puts on the make up, and not because it may put my little boss off learnign ballet, well not only that. The ones with the dolls under the table and the girls of the same size on top is very cool and cute :).

nice post

Thanks for the kind words, Tim.
I'm sorry I made you look at so many photos and text. No one HAS to go to the links, you know. It's only that there there are the explanations already given about the story performed ;).
And why not send your little princess to ballet school, hm?
The little ones LOVE it and do their tasks with so much ENDEAVOUR!
And they learn a lot about rhythm, movements, posture, music - without them ever realising it.

Your words are encouraging me to actually go about and show you pics from the actual performance. Thanks so much.
Thanks for posting the links Corinna. I remember some of those pics. They are very well done. Looks like a lot of work went into those albums.
I missed you :hugs: You have some great shots there and it is good to see you doing so much photography as I know you love it so much. I have also been busy with some computer courses that have kept me away from tpf. I'm either taking photos or working.

hey, lafoto..... i really did miss you, and thanks for the letter back...

i can see some shots in the albums, and they are close ups of the girls, and they look killer...their mommas will love them...

glad to have you around...again...

you cant be gone so long from now on...except for when your with the others in dc......!! we miss ya too much....
GOOD to know i was WORRIED CORRINA :) cuz u know im mostly German, last name WEBER u knowwwww
Ah :goodvibe: thanks for saying you missed me. I wasn't quite so sure... :hugs:

I'll post some more examples of my work by and by, if that is ok with you?

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