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Aug 3, 2012
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Mustang Oklahoma
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Jwbryson1, your inbox was full so I thought I'd answer here.

Yes, I have a 2001 TJ with a 5 speed manual. 4" lift kit and 31's for now. (going to get 33's this year).

I'd love to have a Rubi, but more so a new MW3 edition. But that will have to wait.

Here's a couple snapshots taken while we were out wheelin'

Ron, jwbryson's inbox is full because he sends me daily poems. He is sentimental like that.
Looks like fun. Run with tires like that around here and you'd get lots of work out of your winch.
Ron, looks awesome. I can't wait to get my JKU and go tear up some $hit!! :headbang::headbang::headbang:
Just for the record, the mud picture, the jeep has a bikini top and no doors on it. Yeah, I had mud on the inside of the windshield and on me.

I love getting it off-road and climbing.

Extra points for getting the mud inside!

Oh, took it to a car wash one day where two kids were pre-washing it with a pressure washer and one of them kept going over some mud on the windshield about 10 times before he realized that it was on the inside. I was in there laughing at him. He smiled and was embarassed.
Haha that's classic!

I wish I could do more off-road with mine, but I need it for work so don't risk any serious weekend fun with it. But one time, I was driving on a construction site and got caught in an excavation that had been recently backfilled - didn't know that it was there, and the soil was so loose I didn't have a chance. I was tipped to the side & sunk in to the middle of my window on the drivers side, and it took 2 tow trucks to winch it out. THAT day I had mud on the inside- I was so proud driving down the highway later that day!
Mine is actually my daily driver. I've added tube doors to that top and run it that way as much as possible. The hard top sits in the garage a good part of the year.
The tube doors are useful, aren't they? Much better than running with the hard top during the summer.

Once we get to a place where I have some spare parking, I want to get a TJ for weekends. I'd do the same as you have with the tube doors.

Silly question - the stinger bar you have on there, do you keep it on full time or take it off for daily driving?
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