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Jul 22, 2003
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hi im ed,a filipino working in bahrain,i visit this forum 3x times a day :wink:
I am a radiographer, i bought Nikon F65 on sale with free 28-80mm and 70-300mm AF lens, im new in photography, i was thinking its the same as producing good xrays, i was wrong, im going nuts over shutter speed and apperture ordeal tehee...i admit its been a month since i purchased my 1st SLR and ashame to a good point and shooter :lol:
seriously, I have been getting a lot from this forum and i thank you all...
Welcome! Just keep on shooting. Try and get ahold of some books from the library so you can learn how to control your exposures.
Welcome aboard Ed and let me X-ray pipes right?
thank you for the welcome sirs...
i will try to post my photos soon... :shock:
im a medical radiographer ( CT Scan-MRI)

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