Kona Cloud Forest, 7,000 feet, Hualalai Volcano

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    OK... I am posting this picture not because it is a great picture, but rather because I wanted to show you all something you are not very likely to see.

    This is a shot taken at the top end of the Kona Cloud Forest on Hualalai Volcano, at about 7,000 feet above sea level and about 7 miles from the Kona coast.

    Basically, to see this, you have to drive to where the road ends (one steep NASTY twisty road... you can see the tourists who ride their brakes a lot heading down the hill with their brake drums GLOWING red and even burning catching their tires on fire!), and then bush bash for another 1,000 feet up the mountain.

    The forest is caused by the inversion of the clouds on the leeward side of the mountain (west side in this case). This high up it gets pretty cold, and there's a lot of lichens and moss and not all that many plants. I have never seen any other place like it.

    This picture is presented just to show you all what it looks like, not because I think it is particularly good (it isn't). No C&C necessary on it, it is just a snapshot.



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