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Nov 2, 2011
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Glen Burnie, Maryland
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The first one is Way too blown out. The last is probably the best of these only because the blurry feet aren't working in your other shots. Otherwise not bad.
I have to agree; if you could have dropped the highlights by a stop in #1 it would have been killer. I think #3 works a lot better if you crop the bottom mid-calf.
#3 is my fav (maybe blur the rocks very slightly?).. but i would also sharpen those up a bit. but i tend to overdo it on sharpening... btw your pics from live shows are rad
the last one is my fave.
Look at her face in 1, 3 and 4 - the shape is completely different, all do to perspective. Figuring out which is best will be helpful.

My personal opinion - her jaw line seems really wide in the third. Photographing "up" someone is nearly never flattering. In four her face is thin and elongated, which depending on how she views herself, could be a good or bad thing. Number 1, I think, nailed it.

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