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    Nov 27, 2006
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    Shots from this weekend's session. C & C coveted, please. . . . it's my first model.


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    They look like good starts, but need post-processing bad to look professional quality in my opinion.
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    Well here's my opinion
    I allways look for a direction to start with, is it for my personal experience, photo exchage for her modeling, etc. That helps me have a direction and try for a look I'm interested in. Right now I'm experimenting with my new flashes, and its very hard to really get something out of the model specially if you've got nothing to strart on. When using natural light the best way to get a little bit of more umph out of the photos when you put your model in the shadows is getting or making a reflector (depending on your taste a gold one or a silver one). I bought a fine cardboard that's reflective gold and I use that as a reflector (I would recomend buying mate transparent varnish, cause it reflects tooo much sometimes).
    I also try when doing portraits to allways focus on the eyes, very important cause when we see a portriat we go first to the eyes. Allways try to shoot above 1/90 unless you intentionally want to "show" movement, I don't know if in the third one that was your intention.
    I personally didn't like to try the really white tones with just natural light like in your second one, because it turns out overexposed. I've read that if they want to do a high key portrait they use difusers to be able to control the light a little bit more.

    Well that's my 2 cents please take them with a bucketfull of salt.
    Keep on going man if you love it give it a little time for progress

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