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Apr 29, 2010
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Pensacola, FL
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I shot a friend tonight, she is obviously darker skin toned, I have noticed my practice has been on mostly the more pale skin tones, so I was excited to get some practice with her.




I don't like how her dress is bunched up in the second one. It makes me think she purposely hiked it up. In #3, there's a glare or something in the top right that's killing the contrast of that area of the image.

Other than those two small issues, I really like these. Good tones on her skin, clean simple backgrounds, good lighting, just all around good shots.

P.S. Is your friend a model? If not, she could be. She gave very natural expressions and poses.

Good job! :thumbup:
I dont like how you can see her bra in the first two. The dress looks intentionally pulled up to show some leg...and her knees-- the way shes standing they're crunched up, and i dont think its very flattering.
Also, he over exposed/glare spot on the top right corner of the third shot takes away from the image, imo.
her face looks OOF in them. But at f/2.2 I'm guessing the camera picked her chest to be on focus since that sticks out more, than her face. I also like how Michael Smith's phone number is in the EXIF data HAHA
OH MY GAWD! LOL Really??? hahahahahaha whooops! How do you change that?

Yea, I noticed 2.2 like when we were almost done, kind of an oppps, using a new camera deal. I would have liked to shoot about 4. oh well!

More playing today!
Were these done with a 50mm. If so it appears you may have the same issue I've been having and thats finding my camera shot at f2.2 when I needed it at 5.6.
I'm not liking the pinkish background to much but I think they're good shots.
Yes I was able to borrow a D200 for the weekend so my 50mm will auto focus. You know, I'm finding I don't really like it so much, I have to back real far up to get a full body shot and sometimes, especially in the woods, or on the beach where there are people covering every inch, that is not possible...
Maybe I am just used to my 35mm.
a little quick fix I did.. not sure if it is good or not.

You think? She doesnt look too plastic? I did small retouching, like she had a few blemishes....
But I think she looks too much like plastic.
Really? I didnt go photoshop happy with the skin really. I mainly focus on the dress.

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