Lake reflections


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Oct 26, 2007
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Those are beautiful! I love the colors.
#1 is doesn't appear to be a set-up for the vertical shot.
The arrangement of the clouds, as if emanating out from that one spot, is spectacular and really adds oomph to the pic. It's a close call, but I think I like the first shot best, as it has that further little pool of orange light on the far right. But darn, that second one is beautiful too.
I like the deeper blue sky in the second better, but I don't really care for vertical comp like that.

Great shots.
Very nice...I think I like the first one better though :)
But I love how the reflection of the clouds are in the third one.
Jesus! those are amazing, your lucky to have an area like that.
Thank you for all the great responses. I figured I would get something eventually worth commenting on lol

Seriously though, thanks. :biggrin:
very nice indeed, all great in their own way, i'm liking 1 and 3 the best :)

I was leaning towards 1 and 3 also. To me, in the third one, the sky isnt as impressive, but it's the reflection that grabs attention
Jesus! those are amazing, your lucky to have an area like that.

Very lucky indeed. I found this gem of a place just recently. It's in an otherwise dull area for shooting, at least to my eye anyway. Top that off with no color to be seen during winter and it was very exciting.

There were 100's of gulls flying around all day and several large cranes, and it made me wish I had my zoom lens with me...

I cant wait to go back

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