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Nov 5, 2003
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#1 is nice in general, but something seems "off" about the vegetation and rocks... is it maybe two or more exposures layered? Or it could be my computer.

#2 is a pretty scene as well but the trees are too underexposed for my liking.
1. Very nice; this sis my personal favorite type of subject. I like the composition an the effect you've acheived here. I would suggest a little bit of burning on the bright area in the upper, RH corner, and some light dodging in the upper, middle area to reduce the dynamic range and the eye-grabbing light and dark areas. For some reason though, this image doesn't seem 100% sharp, but at f22, it should have been. Was this shot from a tripod?

2. Potential, but I think you just missed. The exposure is just too extreme here. This is a tough shot, but there are a couple of ways you could have produced a much stronger image. One, by shooting several images at varying exposure for an HDR image, or two, by using a graduated neutral density filter to reduce the brightness of the sky and allow increased exposure of the lower area. In this case, fiven the shape of the clouds, I think HDR might have been the way to go.

Just my $00.02 worth - your mileage may vary.

#1 One is a little soft. Also something is off about the positioning. The waterfall is to center.

#2 Is dark but has some potential
I was having a hard time finding a good place to set up, I I was out on a rock that was about 2' square, squatting with with the tripod at lowest holding it, while a storm was blowing in, and my kids were yelling at me that we needed to start running!

It was quite a bit better then my first attempt a few weeks ago, and my next will be even better!

Thanks for all the comments, you are all appreciated!
#1 looks blurry as if it was shot handheld with low shutter speed. Composition is not bad, the rock on the left is so big, throws it off a little bit.

Second shot is great in composition but not-so-great technically. If you wanted to preserve the skies and the ground, could of tried 3-5 shot burst with exposure bracketing and then HDR merge.

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