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Apr 29, 2013
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I currently shoot with a Nikon d5100. I am looking looking for a new lens. I am interested in something that is compatible with my dx camera that takes nice landscape photography, preferably something that is wide angle. Looking for under $750 if possible but open to other options.

Does anyone have any recommendations?


I currently have:
Nikon d3100
Nikon d5100
Nikon 18mm-55
Nikon 55mm-200mm
Sigma 70mm-300mm
What do you need to do that the 18-55 won't do for you?
I bought a tamron 10-24 for my D3200 not long ago. I have not been able to go out and shoot with it yet as I'm very busy with work but as soon as the foliage is out I will get to put it through its paces. Tokina makes a lens with a similar range
I use the tokina 12-24mm for landscapes and really like it. Their 11-16 is also a great lens I just like having that extra bit of reach incase I want to crop the shot a bit
If you plan on doing some Astro landscapes the new Sigma 18-35/1.8 might be the way to go. A tad more than your budget though.

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