Last super moon of 2022.

Grandpa Ron

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Aug 9, 2018
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The local weatherman said this that the last super moon of 2022. Named the Sturgeon moon by the Algonquin tribes, I though I would take a photo.

A super moon is when the somewhat elliptical orbits of the moon, earth and sun happen to bring all three it close proximity. It make for a very bright full moon.

Not having a long lens, I bought a $12.00 adapter and used my department store telescope as a 700 mm prime lens. It was a great evening to tinker.

moon 810.JPG
Ruined Perseids, but at least it wasn't cloudy or raining? :encouragement:

Somehow I remember trying a telescope and it was too much magnification, I couldn't get the Moon into the frame. Good fun, I should go for the Moon again some night.
I have a home built telescope that does not have enough movement in the eye piece holder to focus. However, the inexpensive department store unit, with no eyepiece. was able to focus at 27 inches. So it was simply a prime lens.

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