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Jul 9, 2007
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Here are some pictures I took at a recent wedding. The images have been resized for web viewing purposes. Any comments or critiques are welcome.








The Cake photos are out of focus, these need to be sharpened also, and try not to cut off the back of her dress, she paid alot of money for her dress and probably doesn't want it cut off!!
I have a lot of portraits with her full dress but I will be careful and watch for that! Thank you for the advice. This is only my third wedding.
What else can I do to improve? Is there anything I did well?
2 & 6 are you best shots here and could be made better with some pp....maybe some soft glows or vignetting...

the wine glasses and cake picture would have been better if both glsses were shown and in focus, with the background (cake) out of focus. Having something big & out of focus in the foreground totally kills the shot.
Thanks emogirl I have 4 other cake shots (full, the topper, etc) all in focus. I wasn't sure whether this one was good or not.
Just curious as to the lighting used in these shots? A lot of them look like on-camera flash without a lot of diffusion. Getting really good diffusion on your on-camera flash will help take your photos from "good" to "stunning"
You definitely have the gist of wedding photography and with the exception of technical bloopers and the "noise" I think you're doing quite well. I don't know if the noise we see is because you had resized them or not but if the noise is in your regular sized pictures that is something that you need to watch out for. You need to keep an eye out for the the first picture of the cake cutting, there are alot of people in the background and we can see all the tables. In the pictures of the alter with the Christmas tree, you did a good job of getting them centered but you need to make sure your background is centered as well. The gates (?) are cut off and not equal in proportion. Also with the cake and the wine glasses you can see the exit sign in the back that should be removed. The exit sign is something that be corrected in processing, if that is something that you do for your clients. Like I said though, other than some technical details, you are doing very well. You've got some great ideas and a good head start!
Thank everyone.
The images appear to have noise b/c I resized them. The orignals are clear. Thanks for the advice, I will start bouncing the flash. I'm new at lighting, does anyone have any advice.

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