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Feb 22, 2009
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Hey guys, this is my first post. I really want to learn this photography stuff so lay it on me hard :)

Im about to go to sleep so wont write a lot but there is a lot of noise.
Is he singing in the lobby of a doctor's office? As noted, the pic has a lot of noise and it looks like he has a lazer beam coming from his head.
It's at a church and that laser beam is coming from a sky light that we all hate.

About the noise, in the original, the noise isn't that bad as it was shot in ISO800. It just happened while post processing and I liked it like that. I tend to like grainy, vintage-ish photos.
it's an okay shot but like jaszek said it's noisy and i would suggest cloning out the blue light at the top
It's a nice concept shot. I won't mention the noise, because that's what you wanted.(Did I just mention it?) I think the picture may have looked better with the chairs and mic out of the background.
Would it have been better if i cropped out the chairs and mics, taking out his legs above the knee as well?

I'll work the post processing again and post it up for more C&C.

Thanks guys.
Too bad you can't re-take this shot..

Yes, it should be cropped, probably to the bottom of the guitar..

When I say retake; this is a nice shot to open the lens up, focus on his eyes, then recompose to include the entire guitar up (as the crop suggestion), then the close edge and the far edge of the guitar is slightly out of focus....but then, so will be the entire background, isolating your subject..

You can clone out the head laser regardless....
Would it have been better if i cropped out the chairs and mics, taking out his legs above the knee as well?

I'll work the post processing again and post it up for more C&C.

Thanks guys.

It would have been better to have composed the shot without the chairs and the mic in the first place ;)

If you're new and you want some advice, the first thing I would tell you is see the shot from start to finish. My first photo editor at my first newspaper would send me out with a fixed 14mm a fixed 28mm, a fixed 105mm and a fixed 300mm back in the day. I hated it but it taught me so much about composition.

"Crop with you legs" he would tell me, meaning move around and get the photo composed right before you snap the shutter instead of trying to fix it up after the fact in post-processing.

As for the photo, if you like the noise go with it. It doesn't bother me much although I feel the grainy look works better when you have unique lighting situations or are going to move the photo into B&W. I also think you're too low on the subject. Getting low and wide is a good technique that I use often but you're too low on the subject. I say that because his face is kind of hidden and most of your frame is his legs.

You don't "fill the frame" as they say either with your subject, which is why you are stuck with the chairs and mic (see above).

Finally, blue laser beams through the head should be the first clue that this photo is worth passing up when you are previewing your raw take. Anytime you are shooting this kind of event I would imagine you're coming away with enough photos that you can find one that doesn't require you to clone out blue lasers from people's head. Even though it's possible to do, it's time consuming and until you get really proficient at it, trained viewers will see the scar from your surgery.
very flat lighting
You're on the right track trying to get an interesting angle, now just work on getting an uncluttered background, sharper focus and less noise. It all comes with practice!

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