Leaving Catalina HDR


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Mar 20, 2009
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Orange County, CA
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I took this while we were waiting for the ferry ride home. 5 shot bracket. What do you guys think? CC are welcome. Thanks

I've noticed you have quite a few views and not a single comment. I'm not an HDR guy so there's not much I can offer. You may get better responses here: HDR Discussions - The Photo Forum - Photography Discussion Forum.

As far as this image is concerned; it seems underexposed to me. That's what I thought at first anyway. Now I'm really liking it though, and now I think it's underexposed :lmao:. It's a pretty decent image and a good start if this is a first step into the HDR world for you.
I think it looks very nice. I like HDR when folks don't tonemap them horribly and make them look like surreal cartoon environments. The only thing I wish for is for the boats to be brighter, so they stand out some more.
There are underexposed elements in the foreground. As I understand it, HDR is supposed to eliminate that.
I would just repost in the appropriate place and consider this one a bust lol

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