lens attachments for a Olympus C-5060 Wide Zoom camera

Discussion in 'Photography Equipment & Products' started by chips, Aug 19, 2004.

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    Hi im very new to photography and dont understand much! :cry: im quite disappointed with the zoom abiltiy of my Olympus C-5060 WZ. I really don't understand anythin at all about lens attachments i just no my camera accepts them and i need a longer zoom. If someone could run me through the basics about lens attachments and maybe even suggest a suitable one to buy i would be very grateful!

    thank you helpful forum people! :D

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    From what I can find it seems that your camera is very similar to the C-5050 and if so there's an adapter made by "Tiffen" that converts the 41mm thread of the camera to 43mm and extends out past where the lens is at full extension.
    It's a very useful item to have anyway and most people leave it on their camera at all times, the reason is that the original lens cap will still fit on the adapter (albeit a little sloppy) and if you forget and turn the camera on with the lens cap still on you won't get that nasty grinding noise.
    There's a 2X add-on lens made by Tiffen with 43mm threads that fits onto the adapter (there's also a 0.75X wide angle lens) but there's also a catch.
    If you try to use anything less than full optical camera zoom with the 2X lens you'll experience vignetting.
    So in your case it would mean you can only have 8X with the lens attached and the camera's optical zoom would be useless.
    Don't know what the prices would be in the UK but here the adapter sells for around $10 and the lens around $70 guesstimate.
    Please check all this out because as I mentioned this info' is based on the C-5050.

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