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Jun 15, 2013
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I plan to buy D7100 tomorrow and would like to ask if i should pick one of the kit lens or get a better one? Max budget: $500

16mm - 85mm AF-S Lens [Pretty pricey]
18mm - 105mm

Preferably light. Thanks :)
The 18-105 was OK on the D90, but it started to show it's flaws with the D7000. The corners are a bit sloppy on the D7100, but if you're just starting out it will be good enough.
If I were you, I would go with the 16-85 instead if you can swing it. There's a sale on, but I don't know if the 16-85 is included.

Yes it is - save $100 when purchased with the D7100: CLICK
I have both lenses and have used them with my D7000. The 16-85 is much better build quality, metal mount with a tight solid look and feel. It is also very sharp across its' range. With that said, there is really nothing wrong with the 18-105. The only complaints I ever had with it was that it was a little soft at 105mm and the cheap look and feel of the plastic mount but, from 18-85 there probably isn't much difference IQ wise between it and the 16-85. (jmho)

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